Introduction & Scope

As of May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation, briefly GDPR, will apply in the European Union. It contains regulations regarding the collection, processing and the protection of your personal data.

This document provides fair-finance Asset Management Ltd (“FFAM”)’’s customers and business partners with the essential information regarding data protection. This policy applies in all cases where FFAM is the data controller or data processor of personal data, regardless of who created the data and where they are stored. In these cases it applies to all officers and employees who process such personal data. Disciplinary action may be taken as a result of non-compliance with this policy.

1) Data Controller

fair-finance Asset Management
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FFAM, as a data controller collects, handles and stores personal data relating to investors, clients, officers and employees. In this respect it has responsibility to implement and comply with data protection laws.