About us

We practice active asset management and are very conscious of our responsibility for our actions. Towards society, our employees, customers, suppliers and partners. But also towards future generations. We are a signatory of the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI) and have developed our own ESG rating (Environment/Social/Governance), which overweights social aspects and thus leads to an ESG weighting of 30/50/20. We screen our portfolio quarterly for violations of our investment guidelines and have the CO2 values checked by an external rating agency and the development of CO2 performance analysed.

We also act responsibly vis-à-vis fund managers and companies by engaging in a targeted manner in order to demand sustainability guidelines or their improvements. We are a member of CRIC (Corporate Responsibility Interface Center) and support measures to eliminate grievances or conflicts regarding ecological, ethical and social values. As a founding member of the pan-European engagement network Shareholders for Change (SfC), we are closely involved in its actions and set joint activities to hold companies accountable according to the focus areas of labour/human rights, tax practices and justice as well as CO2 emissions and climate change.

The risk/return-optimised design of asset allocation and the selection of managers and investment products are our core competences.

Our Team