Vision & Mission Statement

fair-finance applies social, ecological and economic criteria in the conduct of its business in the sense of responsible decisions and lives a fair partnership with clients and employees. Sustainability is an end in itself for us and supports our mission to change the world with meaningful means.

We are guided in our daily work by the following principles and values:


We listen carefully to our clients and can thus meet their needs. We create trust through open communication and concrete assistance. Our offer is easy to understand and contains no hidden clauses. We not only point out advantages, but also present risks and disadvantages. In everything we do, we show willingness to perform. We act honestly and credibly. As a reliable partner, we stand by our word. We want to further improve the satisfaction of our customers at the highest level.


We are responsible to the present and all future generations and contribute to the preservation and improvement of their life chances. Open to all whose goal is a more socially just society and an environment worth living in, we want to improve the world together and actively advocate for this. We show respect and appreciation for all persons, regardless of origin, marital status, sexual orientation, religion and ideology. The same applies to persons with disabilities, gender identity or expression. We respect the confidentiality of personal data and comply with legal requirements when processing and managing personal information.

We strive for economic SUCCESS and INDEPENDENCE

Our striving for economic success is the guarantor for permanently living up to the expectations placed in us and the obligations assumed. We make all decisions in the spirit of our values independently of corporate groups or individual interests. This independence is the basis for our actions and the prerequisite for our success, in which our employees and customers also share. Success makes us strong.

We value, respect and encourage each other in the TEAM

All team members contribute their extraordinary professional, personal and social skills and constantly develop them further. Inventiveness, personal responsibility, entrepreneurial thinking and action are supported by an open and cooperative management style. We demand commitment and promote the potential of our staff.

We respect each other and maintain a tone of communication that expresses this. We see ourselves as part of the whole, because only together can we reach our goal.

We are a MODEL and look for new SOLUTIONS

We provide impulses for structural change. Within the framework of our organisation, we weigh every decision according to economic, ecological and social criteria and weigh them in terms of our foundations and values. We create and operate financial services professionally. We use money as a social design tool, get involved and promote sustainable social development. We seek opportunities and new solutions and want to grow as our success positively changes the market in line with our values. We create transparency, face constructive criticism and continuously try to become better.