Investment Funds

fair-finance bond opportunities

The fair-finance bond opportunities fund invests in bond funds and individual securities that have a clear sustainability objective and is a bearer of the Austrian Eco-label. An additional yield is created through the active selection of attractive segments of the bond market, whereby a broad spectrum of investment opportunities can be used (including investment grade, high yield, hybrids, emerging markets, convertibles, etc.).

fair-finance equity global

The fair-finance equity global fund invests in sustainable equity funds, which in turn invest in shares of companies from developed industrialized countries and emerging markets. The fund has been awarded the Austrian Eco-Label. An attempt is made to achieve additional returns by actively weighting the sub-funds, e.g. by taking macroeconomic developments etc. into account.

fair-finance bond

The fair-finance bond fund invests in sustainable corporate bonds with a focus on euro investment grade and is a bearer of the Austrian Eco-label. Long-term added value is created through the active management of spread risks, sector allocation and individual security allocation as well as interest rate and country management.