Sinnova Holding AG

Sinnova is an independent group of companies that invests in sustainable, meaningful and innovative projects. The aim is to contribute to a better future for our society: ecologically, socially just and with sustainable development opportunities for all.

In doing so, own products are developed and founded or Sinnova participates in companies that create social added value with innovative and sustainable (financial) services. The three strategic pillars are:

  • Sustainable financial services and pension products
  • Sustainable and affordable housing
  • Investments in projects with social and ecological impact

The website is only available in German, as the business model of Sinnova Holding AG is only managed in Austria.

Sustainable pension products and financial services

fair-finance Vorsorgekasse AG was founded in 2010 by Markus Zeilinger together with a group of private individuals, GLS Bank and Concordia Versicherung in Vienna. Their vision: to invest the funds of the statutory pension fund system in Austria exclusively in a responsible and impact-oriented manner.

In accordance with its own sustainable investment guidelines, the capital managed in trust is used in a meaningful way for society and the environment in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals - directly and with an immediate and measurable impact: in microfinance, sustainable real estate, energy storage technology, reforestation or social business.

fair-finance Vorsorgekasse AG has received numerous awards in recent years, including the only pension fund to be recognized for its impact (M4C Money for Change Impact Award), as the most sustainable and innovative pension fund (Börsianer) and as the test winner among company pension funds (VKI-Verein für Konsumenteninformation).

fair-finance Vorsorgekasse AG currently manages around one billion euros in assets for almost 571,000 beneficiaries. With its performance, it regularly achieves top rankings among Austria's pension funds in a multi-year comparison.

The website of fair-finance Vorsorgekasse is only available in German, as its business model is only managed in Austria.

Die Versicherei is an insurance broker with added value and the claim to act fairly, socially and sustainably. With headquarters in Salzburg, Versicherei currently serves over 1,600 customers with more than 6,000 insurance contracts.

The website of Die Versicherei is only available in German, as its business model is only managed in Austria.

Sustainable real estate

buildings4future Immobilien AG is a real estate company that focuses on sustainable living. It develops projects as well as builder models and takes over the management of existing properties.

Against the background that buildings are responsible for 40% of CO2 emissions worldwide, the company is committed to sustainability in the real estate sector. Existing properties are purchased using the company's own sustainability rating for real estate; the rating enables a comprehensive assessment according to four main categories and 20 subcategories. High standards also apply to new construction projects, such as state-of-the-art and efficient heating systems, strict chemical management, responsible choice of materials, good infrastructure, and sensible spatial concepts in residential and general areas.

The website of buildings4future Immobilien is only available in German, as its business model is only managed in Austria.

The buildings4future property management stands for sustainability, competence and best service. It is a joint project of the teamneunzehn group and buildings4future Immobilien AG and thus combines the advantages of two established companies on the Austrian real estate market.

The website of buildings4future property management is only available in German, as its business model is only managed in Austria.

renditehoch3 is a specialist for building owner models as contemporary and attractive investments with advantages for tenants, investors and future generations. The current builder models in Graz and Linz offer as "investments to grab" one of the safest possibilities of a value-stable and sustainable investment.

The website of renditehoch3 is only available in German, as its business model is only managed in Austria.

wood4life combines the knowledge and experience gained from decades of craftsmanship tradition with real estate solutions aimed at the future. Residential construction projects made of wood - sustainable and resource-saving.

In the partnership with Weissenseer Holz-Systembau, one of the most experienced timber construction pioneers in Austria, the focus will be even more on sustainable timber construction in the future.

This wood4life folder is only available in German, as the business model of wood4life Immobilien GmbH is only managed in Austria.

The Berlin-based company KlimaGut Immobilien AG develops real estate according to ecological, social and economic criteria. It is one of the first real estate developers to commit to climate protection in its articles of association. The focus of its investment activities is on the development of inner-city residential properties.

The website of KlimaGut Immobilien AG is only avaible in German, as its business model is only managed in Austria and Germany.

Social Business & Impact Investments

Together with the Senate of the Economy, Sinnova has launched the Social Entrepreneurship Venture Capital Fund. The fund is a Sinnova lighthouse project in which, in a first step, five million euros in equity capital is made available to social entrepreneurs. The fund is currently fully invested in the CII area, i.e. Corporate Impact Investments. An expansion is currently being worked on. All investments are aimed at strengthening social entrepreneurship in Austria.

The website of the Social Entrepreneurship Venture Capital Fonds is only available in German, as its business model is only managed in Austria.

Sinnova's high-impact investment in cooperation with oekostrom AG in faire Windkraft GmbH, demonstrates the immediate and direct impact of an investment. The financial support in renewable energies, especially in the field of wind power, creates a climate-neutral solution that reduces the need for energy imports.